Neil Munro 1863 -1930

Neil Munro was born in the small town of Inveraray near the head of Loch Fyne in Argyll, Scotland. His mother was Ann Munro, and worked as a kitchen maid. Neil and his mother later moved in with his grandmother Anne McArthur Munro who lived in McVicar’s Land, now known as Arkland II. Neil spent much of his childhood in Glen Aray which later became an inspiration for the setting of his novels. Neil also spent some time of his life  in Inveraray Jail as his mother was employed there.

Neil Munro never attended university. He was educated at the parish school in Inveraray. He also spent some time at a little school in Glen Aray. When he left school in 1877 he gained appointment as a clerk in the office of a local lawyer. On the 1st of June 1881, two days before his eighteenth birthday, he emigrated to Glasgow in search of better prospects.

After working briefly as a cashier in an ironmonger firm, Neil moved into journalism and became a reporter on The Greenock Advertiser, and later on The Glasgow News, The Falkirk Herald and finally at the Glasgow Evening News. Neil became chief reporter at the Glasgow Evening News at the age of 23. He married his landlady’s daughter, Jessie Adam at the same time.

Neil worked as a journalist, critic, novelist and a poet. In 1927 his health started failing, he retired from the Glasgow Evening News, but continued to work on his novels as well as writing articles for the Daily Record and Mail. He passed away 22nd December 1930 at his home in Craigendoran, Helensburgh.

Neil Munro left a great legacy of novels and is one of the most celebrated literary figures of his day.

Sourced from Ronnie Renton, The Neil Munro Society

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