Quote of the day

“Once the New Road is finished, and the troopers and the guns and my carts on it, it’s an end to the dominion o’ the chiefs!”

– Alan-Iain-Alain Og, Aeneas’ uncle.


Quote of the day

“I will take him to this stone and you must tail him. Catch him by the small and grip as if it were the very bars of heaven and you by God rejected!”

– Ninian MacGregor on how to handle a fish.

Quote of the day

“And I don’t like letters. They make trouble. They’re sly and underhand. They may be going past ye in broad daylight and you not know. I never write a letter myself if I can help it; it’s putting words in jail, and it’s not the man alone who puts them in can get them out again; too many have the keys.”

Ninian Macgregor