The New Road book launch

The launch of The New Road last Thursday was nothing short of spectacular!

We enjoyed talks by Neil Munro’s granddaughter Finella Wilson, Baillie Elaine Aitken who spoke on behalf of Lord Provost, Professor Alison McCleery who spoke on behalf of Dame Joan K. Stringer, Chairman of The Neil Munro Society Ronnie Renton and Neil Munro Society member John Hodgart, who gave us a fantastic reading from the book. The cherry on top was the display of the very typewriter on which Neil Munro wrote The New Road and Finella Wilson was so kind to bring to the event.

A big thank you to all of you who made it to our launch and helped make this day special.

Our e-book is ready!

We have splendid news to share!

Our e-book version of The New Road by Neil Munro is now ready. You can download the e-book in an appropriate format for your e-reader. The e-book is available in a PDF format, as an EPUB file for iPad, Kobo and Sony e-readers or as a MOBI file for Kindle.

To download our e-book version of The New Road from Merchiston Publishing, please click HERE and follow the instructions for subscription.

Quote of the day

“And I don’t like letters. They make trouble. They’re sly and underhand. They may be going past ye in broad daylight and you not know. I never write a letter myself if I can help it; it’s putting words in jail, and it’s not the man alone who puts them in can get them out again; too many have the keys.”

Ninian Macgregor

The New Road Goes International

The students on the MSc Publishing course are from all around the world, so we thought that it would be nice if you could hear our collection of different accents, whilst also listening to an extract of The New Road. This extract comes from Chapter Twenty Four, and reading out this first section are Carmen from Spain, Hannah from England and Ester from Iceland. We hope to get the written extract up soon to accompany the audio, and more recordings will be coming soon. Enjoy!