You can download the e-book version of The New Road by Neil Munro for your e-reader. The New Road e-book is available in a PDF format, as an EPUB file for iPad, Kobo and Sony e-readers or as a MOBI file for Kindle.

To download our e-book version of The New Road from Merchiston Publishing please click HERE and follow the instructions for subscription.

1 thought on “e-book

  1. Greetings from the Cape Winelands, South Africa! I’m a great-granddaughter of Neil Munro. I’m also a writer – a journalist and novelist – and recently launched an innovative online creative writing project that allows you to write a fictionalised version of your ideal life story. See http://www.peacockproject.net for more.

    I’ve had a look at The New Road in the Kindle store (US) but it seems to have no cover! Could someone follow up on this and give this fabulous piece of historicaly fiction the cover it deserves? Well done on digitising Munro!

    Catriona Ross

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